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The following only applies to content partners, AKA channels.

1/ We are now only allowing the following products and services in your banners/bios/links/content/comments (basically everywhere) :

  • Our own products
  • Your own products (not using 3rd parties)
  • Traditional paysites
  • Manyvids.com
  • Sheer.com

If you want to promote your social media or link pages, we will check that we are there and in good position. If we are not, it won't be allowed.

2/ You can now replace previously uploaded videos. To do so, simply go to an already uploaded video EDIT page and scroll all the way down. Under Replace original video file you can upload a new file.
A shortcut to do the same thing will be added directly in the list of videos soon.

3/ This applies immediately but we will give you until 2022 to update your stuff.

4/ We will request for the replacement of what we find breaking the rules, or delete it.

  • Onlyfans doesn't care about porn people. They don't mind kicking you out with a one month notice. They are interested in going mainstream. You know the saying : don't put all your eggs in the same basket. Do yourself a favor and diversify, or you'll probably regret it later.

  • We have been "feeding" countless services over the years, only to get criticized constantly by people who don't understand how CPMs work. We are very VERY tired of it. If these other services were truly good, you shouldn't need to send our traffic there. They should stand on their own.

  • We will be adding fan clubs, tips, and pay-per-content and we see no reason to allow you to promote competing services. There are hundred's of them by now, by the way (but if you believe the press there is only one). None of these sites have ever given us anything in return for the massive promotion.

**How to evaluate an adult content service?**

What is the most valuable of these 2 (not so) hypothetical services :

  • one that pays 80% but you have to generate sales yourself or make no money,
  • or one that pays 50% but can generate sales for you?

The answer to this question is more complicated than it looks yet it is crucial to your business, especially when it is time to decide where to send your own traffic (for example through links on social media).

The obvious answer is that it is more beneficial to send traffic to the service that pays 80%, or the most, simply because you are paid more, right?

Meanwhile, if you also uploaded content to other sites that are generating sales without requiring traffic, they will bring in extra money with barely any work (only uploading) and display your brand to potential clients that you did not have access to. Those new people may even join your own fan club directly. Sounds pretty good.

Still, even if that is good, it would seem reasonable to prefer to only send your own traffic to the place that pays the most, just because you will get more value per click. But it is not that simple : if you send traffic to a third party that has their own traffic and users, you will get extra value because they use algorithms that place your content up or down based on the level of activity. Concretely, it means that you will get more value than the base 50%. How much more value would be very difficult to say, however, and different on every site.

So where should you send your own traffic? Unfortunately there is no clear winner here and we would recommend using a mix of links and services.

In the end which of the two services is the most valuable? In our opinion, the one that allows you to expand your business without much effort by offering extra sales and exposure to new clients is far more valuable. They are more valuable because the more of them there are, the better is it for you : you can almost instantly scale up your business with them and benefit, whereas, if more "OF" types of services pop up, it doesn't really help you.

TLDR There is only so much you can achieve with your own traffic sources, and these can disappear overnight (hello Twitter and Instagram), so make use of the sites that work for you, and not only the sites that YOU work for.

If you have comments or questions leave them below but keep in mind only a few will be posted.

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